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When you do something on a regular basis, small changes in the way you do it can have a big impact. While most of our development efforts focus on larger product features, we have also looked into opportunities to make seemingly minor updates considering smaller features that can have an outsized impact on your business.

Our goal with this post is to familiarize you with our reporting feature, which would give you a concise, holistic view of your business operations as soon as you log in and give you more time to focus on your other business activities. To achieve the above stated goal, we’ve brought in high-level metrics about core areas of your business like financial overview, item sale summary, discount summary, sales & labor summary etc. Perhaps you may wonder why do I need it? In our previous post ‘Ways to improve your restaurants bottom line’, we observed that many business owners do update themselves with daily reports about their business. It is from our experience, we understand that the businesses who do not partake on the basic overview about their business operations are the ones where the management can’t answer basic questions related to the performance of their business. Such a scenario further leads to a complete lack of appreciation of analytics, optimization of marketing strategies and ROI.

The above mentioned core areas of your business are the key drivers of change, after analyzing the traffic patterns we found out where most of the business owners spend most of their time. Based on the analysis, we designed various report formats in order to streamline many of the common workflows.

By reducing the number of clicks it takes to accomplish all the daily reports, Harbortouch POS system users can save over a thousand hours per month!

We hope you appreciate this time-saving update In case you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment at

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