Start accepting Apple Pay, Clip Credit & Debit cards using payment processing technology

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Contactless payments exploded in the year 2015 and it looks like 2016 is the year for contactless payments as the US market has finally come alive.

So this means it’s time for you to upgrade your business to a fast and secure point-of-sale (POS) terminal to accept Apple Pay and chip cards, which means more merchants now would be able to accept contactless payments. Payment Processing Technology is as easy to use as any original card reader, it connects wirelessly to any iPhone or iPad easily using GPRS network.

Also, this change in payment modes has encouraged more merchants to adopt a point-of-sale system that can accept mobile payments, and incentives like promotions and loyalty programs to be integrated with their marketing campaigns to attract new users. Industry analysis has revealed that Apple Pay accounts for almost 68% of in-store mobile phone payments in the US. In 2015, Apple itself declared that during its first quarter, of every $3 earning made in contactless payments, $2 was made by Apple Pay itself.

Payment processing technology provides wireless accounting solutions that provide fast authorizations for debit and credit cards. It also comes with a unique ‘Store and Forward’ feature which allows you to swipe a card and process the transaction later in case of loss in coverage network.

Accepting payment in-person has never been easier

In order to accept a chip card using Apple Pay Wireless Card Terminal, simply slide it into the slot at bottom of the card terminal and leave it undisturbed during the sales process. Once the customer types in their PIN, you’ll receive a successful transaction message after which you can return the card back to the customer. In case the customer has a tap-enabled card, simply request them to touch their card to pay.

Accepting Apple Pay is an even easier process. When the customer is ready to pay, request them to place their phone near the Apple Pay terminal. You’ll receive the payment in seconds and the customer would be on their way back as it requires no signature.

The way your customers pay for things is changing. Don’t get left behind.

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