Why HarborTouch is so incredible?

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Handling a fast paced business like a Sports Bar needs a great deal of work to stay on top of the “game”. A slightest mistake in the handling of inventory, employees, infrastructure or customers can send you plunging into a loss of thousands of dollars. After being on a look out for a highly intuitive and easy to use POS system, I finally found HarborTouch.

Prior to joining the Rivals team, my employees had experience using other POS systems, but HarborTouch was unanimously voted as the best by everyone. After a super quick installation by the HarborTouch team, my employees were ready to use it within minutes with almost zero training. HarborTouch draws its efficiency from an extremely well designed interface that is strikingly simple and yet provides you with all the necessary options at your fingertips. The system has made our work process remarkably productive by allowing us to create restaurant sections, providing order accuracy and helping us send order tickets directly to the restaurant, service bar and kitchen. I can now take a step back and enjoy a drink myself while I see my business run ever so smoothly. One of it’s most impressive feature was allowing the user to update the system remotely in real time using the lighthouse technology. I no longer have to break a sweat to make changes in prices, products or the daily specials. It also provides detailed analytics such as sales per hour, or employee details and payroll. And the best part? I can even access these reports remotely while on vacation, on my laptop or cell phone. My HarborTouch experience has been incredible and I would recommend it to everyone who needs to unwind from the daily hassles of a disorganised POS system. It has been one of my most satisfying investments. Thank you HarborTouch.

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